New England’s 1st Emergency Support Agency (ESA)

Posted by Webmaster on August 2, 2012

Commonwealth REACT is the first Agency of its kind in New England. Though we work very closely with F.E.M.A., M.E.M.A., V.O.A.D., various towns, departments and charities, we are an independent, privately owned and operated agency.

The “ESA” designation allows us to parallel the best practices of an Emergency Management Agency (EMA) while maintaining the autonomy and flexibility to continue other pursuits that may help the community.

These include, but are not limited to:
  • Building and maintaining an emergency communications and notification network.
  • Developing and deploying Fire Rehab & Canteen Teams.
  • Planning and executing Municipal & Civic events.
  • Assisting and contributing to other Charity Organizations.
  • Assess, develop, train and implement for any further needs of Emergency personnel or the community.
Commonwealth REACT has been serving the cities and towns of Massachusetts and Rhode Island since 2007. We have grown by 350% over the past 2 years with no end in sight.

Our Mission Statement

Posted by Webmaster on July 19, 2012

The mission of commonwealth react is to provide emergency and non emergency assistance to municipalities and non municipalities with in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, or as otherwise requested or needed. Provide outreach and consulting services to municipalities, state agencies, individuals, and communities facing emergency and non emergency situations. Build, maintain and provide a radio network and notification system. Advocate on behalf of diverse communities of people who are under served under represented in emergency and non emergency service response. Provide video services to municipalities, state agencies, and the community to educate them about REACT and emergency personnel and services of said communities. Encourage media coverage educating the general public about REACT and emergency preparedness.

When Seconds Count...

Posted by Webmaster on July 19, 2012

REACT, or Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams, is a public service organization comprised of private radio operators serving travelers and their communities alike with radio communications. Members purchase and maintain their own equipment and are dedicating to improving their communities by providing voluntary, two-way communications.

Since 1962, REACT volunteers have been "on scene" providing critical communications and radio monitoring services. Our dedicated members work to "assist in and improve" their local communities. They annually donate their time, equipment, knowledge and energy working an untold number of hours across a wide range of public service events and incidents.
REACT communications volunteers assist during shelter operations by the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other agencies during floods. They are involved with Civil Air Patrol, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES and Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) organizations and of course, our relentless monitoring of various two-way radio frequencies.